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Who we are & What we do?

MakeMySculpture.com is a website owned by IndigoCreations LLC doing business as MakeMySculpture. We are a Virginia based company operating in Herndon, VA. The team at MakeMySculpture not only consists of people who are pioneers in the art of photo sculpting but also includes those who are the very best in creative and graphical arts. Reputed for it’s customer support, the team at MakeMysculpture works with every client individually to make sure that the sculptures they create are breathtaking and are delivered to the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

 Our Process

Once the customer places an order, a representative will contact them within 12 hours to review the details of the order once again before we begin the magic of transforming your precious photo into a fine piece of art that is sure to invite a lot of awe-inspiring attention.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping for orders over $75. Makemysculpture.com delivers your photo sculpture to any zip code within the Continental United States.

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All Payments are secure via PayPal's PCI-DSS Compliant payment process.




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More reasons to order with us

  • - Unsurpassed craftsmanship
  • - Pioneers in this art
  • - Quick Turnaround
  • - Free Consultations
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